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Hanhui Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a joint venture specialized in the development,design, production and distribution of various USB, communications, electronic and electric wires. With wire extruding, injection molding, terminals die-casting and other advanced production equipment and skilled supporting processes, we mainly produce computer peripheral wires, speaker cables, electronic peripheral wires, automotive peripheral wires, medical peripheral wires, etc.

In a principle of “Customer-centered”, we manage strictly, improve our technical level constantly, pursue “zero” defects, and implement a garden-like management mode to shape a bright future. We advocate clean production and produce eco-friendly products, in a bid to protect and enhance environment and promote trade development further.

Looking ahead, we will always adhere to the tenet of “Continuous Improvement, Quality First, Sincere Service, Customer Satisfaction” and professionally create Hanhui brand in an innovative spirit. We are willing to provide you with advanced products and excellent service! Let’s work together to pursue more brilliance high technology!

Brand Development

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