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Honesty and integrity win trust, honesty and integrity is our code of conduct;

Be realistic and innovative

We seek innovation and development on the basis of being down-to-earth and seeking truth from facts;


We need to use the company's business development speed and professional systematic management to ignite the passion of employees and let the company move forward;

Division of labor

Whether in the company or when working with external business partners, we encourage mutual respect and the spirit of division of labor;

Open and honest

We encourage effective communication, speak straightforwardly, openly, treat each other honestly, speak openly, and act honestly;

Keen strain

Have forward-looking thinking, can foresee the future and be keen to respond. The speed and flexibility of response are the foundation of our success;

High efficiency and high energy

The needs of employees and customers measure our efficiency and ability;


Premium quality

Measure our quality and brand by the standards of the market and peers, and meet and exceed the expectations of employees and customers;

Management goals

Employee satisfaction is the basis of customer satisfaction, employees are the foundation of the company, and the company builds a stage for employees to show their talents;

Management Positioning

Manage in place and serve with heart;

Management style

Strict and affectionate, rigorous combination, people do their best, rewards and punishments are clear;

Management procedures

System management, operation supervision;

Management policy

Work hard, pursue perfection, shape image, and create company brand.

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